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Renuka Equipments
  R & D

REPL has an up to date In-House R&D Centre, dedicated to Metallurgy, Mineral Processing and Material Science.

The salient achievements of the R&D centre are :
Invention of “New Raw Material (RM) in the form of an agglomerate having smooth periphery, low reduction degradation index and high reducibility index produced through Sintering Route for Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) – termed Kothari Process-KD-1”
There are only two conventional RMS of Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) that is High grade Iron Ore Lumps (5 to 20mm) and Pellets (5 to 18mm). Conventional Iron ore Sinters used in Blast Furnace (BF) are unfit for DRI & hence never used in DRI production. The salient draw backs of conventional sinters for DRI production are:
- Generation of excessive fines in Kiln due to breaking off of inherent sharp corners.
- Poor Tumbling Index (TI), high abrasion Index (AI), poor reducibility & very high Reduction Degradation Index (RDI).

REPL has invented the process & equipment therefore called KOTHARI PROCESS-KD-1 of agglomeration of Iron ore fines & plant waste, adopting sintering route for producing smooth periphery & high strengths sinters which have high TI, Low AI, Low RDI & high reducibility index.

Salient advantages of KOTHARI PROCESS-KD-1are
  • Substantial reduction in the cost of DRI production by substituting expensive Lumpy Ore/Pellets by sinters produced from cheap & abundantly available ore fines.
  • Phenomenal reduction in the cost of DRI production by recycling screened Lumpy Ore /Pellet Fines & Steel Plant waste through the sintering route.
  • Substantial gain on account of prevention of spoiling & wastage of real-estate – which normally gets occupied in stock piling of plant screen fines & plant waste.
  • Environment protection by recycling the plant fines, plant waste etc.
  • Conservation of precious mineral wealth.
Development of Process of Sintering of Ultrafine Manganese Ore (Mn Ore)
REPL has designed process of Sintering 100% Ultrafine Mn Ore. The Novel process aims at attaining high degree of reduction while producing strong porous sinters.
REPL’S contribution has opened an avenue to Ferro Alloy produces for recycling of Mn bearing plant waste like Bag Filter/ESP dust, Gas cleaning sludge etc.
Simultaneous Reduction & Agglomeration of manganese Ore Fines
REPL has invented a Novel KOTHARI PROCESS MOFS of “Simultaneous Reduction & Agglomeration of Manganese Ore Fines”. In the invented process highly reduced strong sinters are produced which will cut down specific energy consumption, improve Mn recovery & increase productivity of Ferro Alloy Production.
Development of Ultra wear resistant metal
Through In-House R&D, REPL has developed refractory grade Ultra wear resistant metal which is machinable prior to the process of hardening. The metal is an alloy of Nickel, Chromium & Molybdenum.

The novel metal can be cast in any shape & form & hence finds vast applications viz. Handling highly abrasive slurry through pipe line, pneumatic conveying of materials through pipe line, chute liners, bunker liners, machinery part etc.
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