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Renuka Equipments
REPL is a recognized designer & manufacturer of various types of Plant & Machinery & structure required by Iron & Steel Plants & other Metallurgical & Engineering Plants. Few of the regular plant & machinery designed, manufacture & supplied by REPL are:
HM Ladles 15T - 280T
Steel Teaming Ladles
30T - 200T
Loco Hauled HM Ladle Cars
100T - 300T
Self Electrically Driven Transfer Cars
50T - 300T
Above Burden Gas & Temp. Probes of BF
350 cum - 4000 cum BF
Bail Arm, Lifting Hooks
100T - 350T
Hydraulic Ladle Tilting System
25T - 100T
Marshalling Winches
100T - 500T
Multi Application Winches
50T - 500T
Scrap Charging Buckets
5 Cum - 60 Cum
Precision & Regular structural
At works & at Site
Modernization, Revamping & Refurbishment Old & Second hand machinary
Heat Treatment Furnace Bogie Hearth type and Pit Type furnaces Electrical/ Oil Fired / Gas Fired.
Water cooled sections of Arc Furnace  
Tundish with Cover 10T – 50T
Complete Cooling Chamber
For CSP Mill Caster
40TPH – 300TPH
Crop End Scrap Bucket
10T – 100T
Crop End Scrap Transfer Car with Winch
40 T – 250T
Discharge Box, Emergency Box, Over Flow Box 5T – 50T
Handling Ridge for Mould Segment 5T – 100T
Change Rails for Roll removal system for Bending & Withdrawal unit. For CSP
Slat Conveyor, Coil Capstan & Coil Lifting device for Garret Coiler. Upto 30T Coil
Middle burden feeder shaft for sponge iron plant upto 9 Mtrs length
Ladle Beam Structure EOT Crane 25T – 300T
Ladle Beam Assembly with Laminated Hook 10T – 300T
Grate Bars, Hammer and Liners for Sinter Plant 3 Sq Mtr – 450Sq Mtr
Various Nozzles for Blast Furnace Upto 4000M3 BF
Box Coolers, Tuyere Holders, Tap Hole Frame for Blast Furnace Upto 4000M3 BF
Dismantling Device for BLT in Blast Furnace. Upto 4000M3 BF
Shell Stand for Arc Furnace and Ladle 10T – 200T
Arc Furnace Shell Lifting Beam Assembly 20T – 250T
Tumbling Index Apparatus As per IS
Shutter Index Apparatus As per IS
RDI, TDI Apparatus As per IS
Reducibility Apparatus As per IS
CO generator, gas mixing station To meet R&D test
Submerged Arc Furnace Pilot Plant
Sinter Pot and accessories Pilot Plant
REPL is recognized suppliers of spares of :

  • PCM,
  • B.F.
  • COREX,
  • SMS
  • EAF, SAF

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